HME DX300ES Wireless Intercom


Wireless intercom, remote broadcast and movie/video production crews, 2.4 GHz operating frequency range, low band, high band or full band. Best buy/sale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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With the HME DX300ES, wireless intercom communication has become more portable and flexible for live event, remote broadcast and movie/video production crews. The system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversation with two-channel interfacing for intercom communications. Its compact design makes it highly portable and very quick to set up and operate. 

Ideal for today’s frequency-congested markets, the HME DX300ES is a digital spread spectrum system that requires no frequency coordination or license for operation. With Spectrum Friendly technology, users can select the 2.4 GHz operating frequency range – low band, high band or full band – to avoid frequency conflicts. 

Special features include two-channel operation, dedicated channel relays, battery operation, and four-wire audio interfaces. Use with the BP300 COMMUNICATOR ® or WH300 All-in-One Headset. 

Each base can support up to 3 full-duplex or 15 push-to-transmit shared users; 4 bases linked to support a maximum of 60 users. Hands-free two-way digital conversation with 2-channel interfacing for intercom communications.


HME DX300ES Five User Beltpack/Headset System Features:

•Four-Wire Connectivity interfaces to four-wire/matrix intercoms and radio based communication systems. Assignable relay closure for advanced functionality. 

•Built-In Battery Charger charges a remote Communicator® battery in under three hours. 

•Spectrum Friendly™ Frequency Range can be selected for low band only (2401.92-2439.936MHz) high band only (2443.392-2481.408MHz) or full band (2400-     2483.5MHz). 

•Digital Frequency-Hopping, Spead Spectrum encryption technology ensures confidential communication. Approved for worldwide use. 

•Power Backup fully charged battery in the charger port acts as backup power source for up to 30 minutes. 

•Assignable Relay Closure provides advanced functionality when used with matrix intercoms or radio based communication systems. 

•Expandable compatible with the entire HME DX200 and 100 series digital wireless intercom products. 

•Four-Wire I/O Connection 600 W balanced, level adjustable. 

•Headset I/O Connection 200 W, level adjustable for interfacing to a Dynamic MIC headset connector. 


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