Zifon ZF-3000 LED Video Light

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Model: ZF-3000
Voltage: DC7~15V
Color temperature: 3200K / 4700K / 5600K
Power: 19W
Luminous flux: 2800lm
Color rendering index: >92
Beam angle: 90 degree


Instruction manual:
Switching 1 is power switch, switch 2 is luminance / color temperature switch, the following functions:
    Switches 1 and 2 at the same time turn ON, this time the color temperature is fixed at 4700K, rotating dimmer knob can achieve 20% to 100% brightness stepless dimming,   at maximum luminous flux 2800 lumens.

    Only the switch 1 turn ON, Switch 2 turn OFF, then you can adjust the color temperature, turn the dimmer knob, enabling stepless adjustable between 3400K to 6000K color temperature. This mode luminous flux is 1500 lumens. The lamp is equipped with B port line jack for connecting professional camera batteries. The polarity of the jack only for camera batteries. Needle as the negtive, and conventional power contrary, you can not use the power supply.

    The lamp can use SONY F750 / F770 / F970 QM71 / QM91 battery, in the case of full power, F750 / F770 battery can be used 90 minutes. The lamp cooling is good, can work continuously for several hours under normal ambient temperature.